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Changing Lives Learning Trust

About Changing Lives Learning Trust

Changing Lives Learning Trust (CLLT) is a multi-academy trust with sponsor status and is a not for profit charity which sponsors primary and secondary academies. Our sponsors, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield Ltd. and the University of Central Lancashire have already proven their commitment and success in creating a fully inclusive, aspirational, high-achieving family of academies, firmly rooted in the local community.

Our aim is to support schools to be outstanding places of education where expectations are that students will develop into citizens who actively contribute towards the building of cohesive and peaceful communities and are able to represent themselves confidently in all aspects of public life.

Our highly experienced and skilled executive team support leaders to focus on contextual and localised leadership of curriculum, teaching, learning and the professional development and opportunities of their colleagues. Local governing boards are supported to thrive and contribute to the overall direction and decision making of our Trust.

Introduction from the CEO

Changing Lives Learning Trust is a family of five schools (one secondary, four primary) with more schools discussing how to join.

I live and breathe our Trust’s vision and distinction; to succeed in 'Changing Lives Through Learning' by providing each child with an education that will give them a preparation for life that is excelled by no other. I am in no doubt that we can achieve this brave and ambitious aim with your help, your passion, and your expertise.

We welcome anyone who shares that vision and who subscribes to the multiplier effect of genuine partnership that enables continual improvement to teach children in a way that is relevant to the modern age; providing moments of awe and wonder, encouraging and enabling every child to aspire to a future that transcends the cultural and social limitations placed upon them.

We are characterised by autonomy within mutual, partnership-driven principles, aims and objectives, and within them, our individual and collective determination to accept nothing less than the pinnacle of educational provision. We have a shared professional dissatisfaction, that no matter how good we become we are utterly convinced we can be even better.

Our Trust specialises in celebrating, protecting and enhancing the uniqueness of each individual school. If we’re all the same, our opportunities to learn will be limited. By remaining different, through everyone involved in our academies, rich collaboration, learning and life-long endeavours can begin.

We have also been designated as the Teaching School Hub for Cumbria because we have a vision to supply the next generation of exceptional teachers and leaders for our region. Saying we are ambitious does not come close.

It is a privilege to lead our Trust and the continual development, support and celebration of, hopefully, your and our collective contributions and accomplishments. Weaving a fully inclusive, collaborative and purposeful focus on our ever-improving quality of education holds the promise of changing lives through learning, for the children and communities we serve and the adults who work with them.

I sincerely hope you will join us.

     Chief Executive Officer 

Our Values

Our VISION, our distinction: ‘to have legitimate grounds to claim that those we undertake to teach and train will have a preparation for life that is excelled by no other.’


See vision and values for further information. 

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