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Elements Diocesan Learning Trust

Elements Diocesan Learning Trust

About Elements Diocesan Learning Trust

Our core purpose is putting learners first, enabling them to flourish in the love of God.

Elements Diocesan Learning Trust (EDLT) was established in 2021 by four founding schools as a home for church schools in Dudley.

Our vision has been developed to enable the coming together of like-minded Primary Schools - schools that are separate, discrete elements that choose to coalesce as a cohesive whole to speak with one shared voice in education for the Borough. Each person in these school communities, children, and adults alike, are also elements in bringing to fruition an education that enables their own flourishing and that of others. They are unique individuals, each with their own agency and characteristics, but who have a synergistic effect when working together with a shared vision and purpose.

The vision is deeply rooted in, and is an outworking of, the Church of England’s Vision for Education. Elements Diocesan Learning Trust is committed in being ‘Deeply Christian: Serving the Common Good’, inspired by the particular scripture in John 10:10 where Jesus declares ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’. These words, combined with the vision’s four main guiding elements - educating for Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills; Hope & Aspiration; Community & Living Well Together; and Dignity & Respect form the core vision for Elements Diocesan Learning Trust.

These core elements of the Church of England’s Vision for Education have supported the formation of our founding core values:


  • Wisdom – The decisions we take are wise and are based on informed discussions and evidence and aimed at ensuring   we achieve the best outcomes for all without forsaking our values
  • Hope – we have hope for a positive future and always finding positive outcomes
  • Honesty – we are honest with all inside and outside our organisation, whilst being sensitive to how we deliver these messages
  • Community and Helpfulness – we work in co-operation and partnership with all staff and wider stakeholders
  • Dignity and compassion – we treat all those within and outside our organisation with dignity, irrespective of the circumstances, and we show everyone compassion for the difficulties that they are experiencing
  • Respect – we are respectful to all, dedicated to ensuring inclusivity and diversity with those that we work with and for others that meet and our actions may affect.
  • Integrity – we have strong principles rooted in our Christian mission that lead our actions and decisions

At Elements Diocesan Learning Trust, we aim to: 

·      enable all children and adults in our Trust to ‘flourish together in the love of God’ 

·      equip our staff to deliver their best every day and  

·      provide a safe, attractive and stimulating learning environment for every learner; 

·      ensure each school will be financially robust, able to withstand future funding pressures; 

·      ensure our pupils have access to the best learning resources available. 

We have high aspirations for all stakeholders, ensuring hope and aspiration for everyone. We are deeply committed to implementing a collaborative approach to working and securing excellent educational provision for all pupils.

Elements Diocesan Learning Trust has established strong governance and leadership structures, having a wide breadth of expertise drawn from in and around the context of the founding schools.

We are entering a phase of investment, aiming to welcome other church schools and eventually, non-church schools from across the borough into our Trust.

Elements Diocesan Learning Trust is an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks and references, including enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

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