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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

About Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Greenfield School is a church school:

Our Christian ethos: nurture, inspire, flourish; underpinned by Jesus' mustard seed parable - the smallest of seeds when planted becomes the greatest of trees (Mt13v31-32).  We nurture each other while growing in confidence, knowledge and character; we inspire creativity and support relationships and resilience to enable our community to flourish.

Pulloxhill School is not a church school, however it upholds all of the same values and our ethos in both schools is:

Nurture, Inspire, Flourish



I am proud to have been appointed the Headteacher of Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy from September 2019.  I have been with the
academy since 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed watching and helping the children to grow and flourish over the years.

Our Values based ethos underpins everything we do and is always at the forefront of our minds.  It encourages adults to be excellent
role models and enables children to become tolerant, caring and respectful members of the community. 

Our curriculum is designed to educate, challenge and inspire our children into being life-long learners.  We pride ourselves in offering

enrichments that enable our children to flourish, such as residential trips both in the UK and overseas.

Emotional well-being and positive mental health are very important in our schools and we ensure that opportunities for all pupils to
learn about a range of feelings are part of our curriculum. 

All members of our schools are dedicated to nurturing our children to ensure they feel safe, secure and listened to.  We aim
to inspire our children so that they learn new things and embrace their dreams.  Finally, we take pride and pleasure in watching
our children grow and flourish.

We are very proud of our schools and always welcome visitors.


Mrs Debbie Drawbridge

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